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Shiurim & Learning Programmes

CWHC offers a number of daily and weekly shiurim and learning programmes. Contact for more information.

Mondays to Fridays following Shacharit, for half an hour – Talmud ​
Between Mincha and Maariv – a short halachic shiur with an opportunity to “Ask the Rabbi”.​

9:00 am – Chumash & Rashi for ladies with Rebbitzen Lee​
8:00 pm – Parsha shiur for gentlemen with Rabbi Liebenberg

9:00 am – Pirkei Avot for ladies with Rebbitzen Lee
7:30 pm – Yeshiva of Cape Town Learning Sessions
8:00 pm – Ladies shiur on various topic with Rabbi Liebenberg.

10:00 am – Ladies’ parsha shiur with Rabbi Liebenberg in the Beit Midrash.
11:00 am – Ladies Tehillim group meets in the Beit Midrash.
4:30 pm – Torah Challenge for ladies with Rebbetzin Lee.

Learning programme with Rabbi Liebenberg and guest speakers every Shabbat following the Kiddush Brocha for 45 minutes.